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Hey everyone, I've been thinking about this for a while and I think I have the solution but don't know where to find it...

Anyway, what i have is 3 kegs and 1 regulator. I was wondering what anyone thinks is a good cheap option to split the gas between the 3 kegs?

Say for example you want to serve 2 kegs, but you have nothing in the 3rd keg. Is there a way so you can turn the gas on and leave the gas line/hose all setup (ie. still have the line for the 3rd keg full of gas) and have some sort of inline valve to turn the gas off in the 3rd line? Or, say you are serving 2 kegs and want to carbonate a new keg, you could then turn the gas off on the serving kegs, turn on the gas to the new carbonating keg, crank up the pressure, then turn off the gas to the carbonating keg and serve in between gassing....

So i figure some sort of inline valve should be available from which you can then turn the flow of gas on or off (like a switch basically) which fits approx 6mm gas line. However I have absolutely NO IDEA where to buy it!!! Any thoughts or suggestions?? I've been traulling ebay, internet etc. and I must be looking in all the wrong spots...

Cheers :party:

I'm not sure about a switch but I have 2 kegs going with 2 quick disconnects eitherside, the disconnects only let the gas out once in use so it doesn't matter if your using 1 or 2 lines.

I know other guys would do the same with more kegs too.

I just use a t piece between the two...

EDITED: Yep what he said above.... :D
At the moment I have a "T" with gas out to a Gas QD and one to a Liquid QD, for gassing thru the beer.
When I finish my bar, complete with converted freezer, will have 3 gas QD's & 1 liquid QD.

I have never had a problem with T pieces and snap on connectors...

If I need to carbonate one keg while I drink another, I just snap off the drinking kegs gas line. It will still pour a fair bit of beer without the line connected. If your seals are good you won't loose any gas.

It will be the cheapest way to do it IMHO...
Nice one thanks guys, I didn't realise the gas connectors sealed that well!! I thought it might leak a bit, however, it sounds like it's all good!!

Those manifolds do look good though...



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