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I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I cannot mash that
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South Australia
OK, I was thinking about sparging, and I was thinking about what temperatures it should be done at. What temeratures to you sparge at? Why is this temperature better than other temperatures?
I sparge at 75deg. No particular reason for this other than the fact this is the temp that Beersmith tells me to use! :rolleyes: :unsure:
It should be higher than the last mash step, so it thins things out and makes it flow better, but less that 77C.

Since enzyme activity stops at 72C, 75C is the norm for sparging temperature. If you go above 77C tannins will be leached from the grain.
I've found I can safely add a few degrees to my sparge water though - the temperature of the mash won't really increase by trickling 82 degree water into it.

Having said that I'm using a stainless mash tun so I get greater thermal losses than you would in an esky.

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