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At the moment i am brewing a tooheys draught with a grumpys XXXX draught masterbrew. I racked to secondary yesterday after 6 in the primary, it was at 1.012 (og 1.041).

It started off smelling really nice and tasted good, but in the last couple of days the nice hoppy smell has gone. I tasted some of the hydro reading and it was shit. It tasted exactly like one of my first brews. Hard to describe the taste, my mates called it weerbine, cross between beer and wine.

My question is, when i racked it, the yeast cake was fairly solid and stuck to the bottom. Normally i get like a liquid yeast cake. Could this be the wyeast 1187 ringwood ale yeast (my first liquid yeast brew)????

I just saw it and was a bit worried it was infected or something. I have attached a pic, the quality of pic isnt to good, off a camera phone.

Cheers fellas :chug:

Am yet to see an attractive yeast cake :p the one you have looks fairly normal to me. I have noticed that brews smell a lot hoppier in the primary but this dies off in the secondary probably due to the reduced amount of gas being produced.

It will probably be different again once you bottle and chill. If you are really worried you could dry hop a bit in the secondary. I think it will be alright, never used that strain of yeast before.

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