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My trusty (aka old) soldering iron has died. It was a really cheap and nasty piece of gear. I'm looking at getting a new one.

I want to mainly solder electronic crap, and a bit of 12v wiring in the car etc. It won't get a huge work load. A couple of Arduino projects and other crap.

I see here
on page 2 they have a 48w soldering station,

is this the go or should I be looking elsewhere.

I got this in an email flyer from them today too and though I have two soldering irons, none of them are workstation based, which makes this a good looking unit for the price.
Not a bad looking unit for the price. I used to solder stuff for a living so I have a very nice Weller station but you are looking at serious $ there.

The one thing I would find out first is whether replacement tips are available.


Edit - your other choice, especially if you are doing stuff in the car would be a portable, gas powered one. If you do go that way, get a good one. I have had more than one cheap one blow up in my hand...
There is another smaller, cheaper one on the last page of the Jaycar cat too. Don't know if it is suitable for your needs though.
im using the 30 buck special one from the big green shed. i know i really should reacquire the one i got from work thats a weller temp controlled station from the old man but seriously i dont do enough soldering to warrant it.
I've never really done a lot of the electronics soldering, and though one with a thermostat would make life easier when it comes time to do the Audrino work?

The one that I had got way too hot after 10mins of working, and I would need to unplug it, then plug it back in, then unplug it when working

Maybe that 20w one could hold a decent temp for soldering?
That unit looks pretty good, but as others have suggested, inquire about replacement tips. From the look of it, it should have interchangeable tips available. Something I haven't seen mentioned here, though, is that not all tips are the same. There are tiny tips for fine work and massive tips for not-so-fine work. Get the finest cone tip for fine work, a 0.031 and 0.062 screwdriver tips for intermediate work, and a good chisel tip for big stuff.

A little can of tip tinner will help save your tips and your sanity too.
I grabbed mine from Tandy or Dick Smiths iirc, lowish wattage - takes a while to warm up but works a treat. Only cost me around $25.
For doing stuff on the car get an iroda gas iron.
Quick, no cables to worry about and can be used with blow torch tips etc for heaps of jobs.
I never use my variable electric iron these days - hell I wouldnt even know where it is.

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