"soda Stream" Connecting To A Beer Machine?

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Hi all.

Yes, I bought a beer machine, (please don't throw a corney full of contaminated pils at me.) It was rubbish until I pressure tested it and used a premium Coopers Amber Ale kit, (half a kit and haf a bag of dextrose)

I let it sit for 2 weeks then used the C02 bulb to charge it up and refridgerated it for 4 days and it's a very tasty drop. Just a bit flat.

Co2 bulbs are almost a dollar each and I have gone through HEAPS, so much so it would be cheaper to buy packaged beer.. Plus they are a PIA as you lose 50% of what little is in the bulb just screwing a new one on.

Is there a way to get a Soda Stream bottle to connect to the standard female threaded Co2 part of the beer machine? The connection will need some flexi hose.

I have searched high and low and cannot work it out.

I promise to get into kegging soon, just a question of $$$ and fridge space.