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Hey all,

30 or 40 AGs in now, and realised the other day I'm still yet to do a SMaSH recipe.

The thought coincided with getting a sack of Best Vienna.

At the moment I'm leaning towards a Vienna/Waimea SMaSH. I've done a little reading and heard nothing but glowing reviews for Vienna SMaSHs. My thinking is that I've never brewed with Waimea before, so single hop is the way to go, and after hearing it can be somewhat subdued, it won't have a bunch of crystal to compete with. Should allow me to get a handle on both ingredients well on their own.

Thoughts? What SMaSHs have worked well for people, out of interest?
I have a smash recipe that I often use with just Vienna also. Comes out a lovely amber colour.
I use citra. As the hop.
Also experimented with doing a single big hop addition with 60g with 15 left on the boil.
Try it, you be surprised how good it turns out.
Tastes a lot like Sierra Nevada torpedo...
I have just recently (last 6 months) started doing most of my beers with single hops just to get an idea of what each hop brings in terms of bitterness, flavour and aroma.

My latest is a munich/cascade smash which has turned out quite delicious. It has been my only actual Smash though. I have made a couple of bitters with MO and a small amount of crystal with either EKG or styrians, but will be doing a smash with either GP or MO as one of my next brews and just mashing a little higher.

A vienna smash has also been on my to-do list for a while and am yet to have centennial by itself so I'd be thinking one of those might be brewed in the not-too-distant future.
I have done a few single hop centennials with great results. You will love it I reckon.
I still don't know how I haven't got around to making one yet. It always is so nice with the hops I've mixed it with and have only heard good things about it by itself.

Looks like a vienna and centennial smash have been added to the (far too long) to-brew list.
Fond memories of a Golden Promise / Motueka SMaSH I did a while ago. Mashed at 68 and lightly dry hopped it was an end of summer stunner.
Fuggles and MO
probably one of the best beers I've made so far
came out at 3.5% abv, mild bitterness and a nice earthy aroma, was a perfect summer session beer
I did a Maris Otter / Centennial SMaSH a few weeks ago that is mighty tasty and refreshing. Lots of late hop additions though so it over powers the MO a bit.

I currently have a Best Vienna / Hallertau Mittelfruh ferementing and this time only did a singe 60 min hop addition to 21 IBU. Tastes good so far (3 days after pitching).
anyone had any success with a smash using pilsner malt?
I'm sure you could get away with doing a fairly simple faux lager with pils and a euro hop for bittering. I'm assuming adding sugar still counts as a smash beer..

You could also put a little of the pils in the oven to give it a little complexity if you wanted, and still have yourself a smash.

EDIT: I have not done either of the above myself, just thinking out loud...
Anything you want... But if you go too heavy on the late additions you're not going to get much of the malt come through.
Depends if ya wanna taste the hops or the malt, I guess. I go late to get a good idea of the hops I'm using.
done a SMaSH with Pilsner and Tomahawk hops (columbus) turned out ok, the hop addition was all 75g (aa14.2%) @ 15mins = 54IBU.
Have done a Golden Promise/Styrian smash - twas awesome.... 3 times in fact.

Doing a JW ale/Simcoe smash friday night - although, will dry hop with cascade me thinks.
Just bought myself a sack of GP from core. Now to do a bunch of smash brews. Will try:

What i want to know is what ABV do you aim for with a SMaSH?