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Hop to it
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Ringwood, Melbourne
This one for starters, I was reading, "hops and how the **** to grow them"

Pretty funny shut, its the new way to surf the net yo
ludd tha hubcaps on tha gizoogle logo playa
pimp dat shit. just gots subwoofer. Shiiit, dis aint no joke.
all tranzizzled..
[SIZE=medium]3 pimped out bidnizzes under 1 roof:[/SIZE]

[SIZE=medium]CraftBrewer - Qldz Premier Brew Store[/SIZE][SIZE=x-small] - [/SIZE]specialisin up in mash brewin & dispensin shiznit - Online salez ghettowide.
[SIZE=medium]Da PubShop[/SIZE][SIZE=x-small] - Specialist Bar & Accessory Store[/SIZE] - Our thugged-out asses stock every last muthafuckin thang fo' yo' home or commercial bar - Online salez ghettowide.
[SIZE=medium]Bacchus Brewin Co.[/SIZE][SIZE=small] - Micro Brewery[/SIZE] - Brewin Qldz most excitin range of craft brew. Our thugged-out asses offer bespoke brewin skillz, bustin individually tailored brews fo' tha trade & public. Our thugged-out asses always have over 20 brews on tap all up in tha brewery, so come on up in fo' a tokin.

[SIZE=x-large]Advanced Notice:

Our thugged-out asses is ghon be closed on Saturdizzle 13th April. Reopen Tues 16th April.

[SIZE=small]Unit 1, 2 Christine Place, Capalaba. Qld 4157.
Open Tuesdizzle - Fridizzle 9.00am ta 5pm. Right back up in yo muthafuckin ass. Saturdizzle 9.00am ta 1pm. Closed Sundizzle - Monday. It make me wanna hollar playa! Tel: 07 3823 5252 fo' realz. A/H 0412 666952
Um, does that gif look very serious to you?
no it didnt.. mesmerising though, but Ive had a couple so my perception skillz aint what it normally is either :D

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