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Hi guys, I'm just trying to find some prices for residual current devices, or earth leakage detectors-whatever you like to call them.

I've been searching on the net but can't seem to find any prices to go with them. Has anyone here bought some and can tell me an approximate price?

Thanks in advance.

Cheers, Justin

Edit: A bit more info. I'm looking for the ones that I can just plug into the power point and then run my extension cords out from that. They are just a plug in unit that goes between your wall socket and your power lead. Cheers again ;)
Cant help with price on a plug in unit, but I think I paid about $200 to get one fitted to the power board to cover the whole house. And my opinion would be that would be a much better option than protecting only one circuit, I reckon every house should have one. If its a rental I'd push the landlord to put one in. All very well you standing at the brewery in complete safety if someone is in the house is spilling a drink on an unprotected wall socket!
GL and Justin, just a quick bit of advice when putting the whole house on an RCD - keep the light circuits off it, have a separate non- RCD circuit for the fridges in the house (they all have a small leakage component as standard) and if you have a lot of computer gear with an array of plug packs then keep those on a separate non-rcd circuit for the same reason.

Thunderstorms create havoc with RCD's and the last thing you need is the whole place off the air while you are away. Especially those fridges...

BTW, you should be able to buy an RCD protected extension lead with a breakout box or power board from any hardware store, electrical wholesaler or even a Dick Smith store.

Cheers and thanks GL and Wes. I figured I could get one from one of those places, it's just I was looking for a heads up price while here at work. Just trying to guage what the going rate on one is as I don't want to get stung with the usual incredibly over priced hardware store "special" price. Hopefully they wont be too dear anyway (cheaper than loss of life ;) ).

As for an RCD for my rental property GL :lol: :lol: :lol: I have enough trouble trying to get them to fix essential stuff let alone trying to pull a stunt like that. There's no way I'd get through with that one, and plus the only really dodgey stuff in the house is probably my home wired brewery so a couple of RCD's protecting just that is still a success.

Cheers and thanks. Will try and ring around and see what I can find.

you can get just the earth leakage breaker for $45 approx from any electrical h'saler this would require a few extra bits and peices box, lead and outlet to plug your gear into or clipsal sell the bodygaurd which is a elcb in a box with a power point on the front they cost about $150 or there is those lead jobs with a elcb on a extension lead not sure on the price of them

be aware wessmith is right, also they are kept of Hot water services due to false tripping which if you have elements in HLT etc is what you have which means you are going to get some false tripping but its a lot safer than not having one at all

Thanks Sintax. That $45 leakage breaker sounds the goods, I'm able to wire and package it so I might try to hunt one down.

I'm a little concerned about the tripping you speak of from the elements though. As I haven't previously used these devices I wonder how often they would trip?

Reason being, one of the major things that will be running off the RCD's will be my HLT (two elements 1800W and 2200W on separate circuits), which are now thermostatically controlled-and my kettle may go electic as well.

On top of this though, I will also be running my march pump as well as a 12V transformer or two connected to a float switch and possibly a stirrer motor. So there are plan for lots of wires and stuff and more electrical stuff on my brewery than the inital HLT elements.

I'm just a little more nervous now with extra stuff around. With electrical devices low down on the brewery and the use of soft plumbing with the pump (hose breaking/coming off), just think I need to be a bit more careful.

Cheers, Justin
I use the Clipsal bodyguard type, orange 4 outlets, while running 2 fridges, the grain mill, a couple of flouros and the 2400w hlt it is fine, but if I add another heating element such as a kettle to warm the mlt then it will trip out. You may need some serious sparky advice.

I picked up one of the "extension" lead ones from Bunning's. From memory it was about $35. I use it for one 2200W element in the HLT and it doesn't trip.

I also think that you can buy a RCD power point. You replace the first standard power point in the circuit with the RCD one and it gives protection for the circuit. I could be wrong on this - but I'm prety sure a sparkie mate explained this option to me a few years ago.

cheers - Richard.
All good ideas thanks guys. Good thinking Plastic man, I had considered (and still am) buying a RCD powerpoint (we have them here at uni) and then wiring this into the brewery. May be a cheaper option. I'll see what I can turn up anyway. $35 is pretty cheap too, especially if it stops me frying myself when a hose pops off.

Cheers and thanks guys.

Another quick tip is to remember to go and price this gear from an electrical wholesaler like Turks, TLE, etc. I bought 4 items from Tradelink and cost $6. I bought 1 item (The very same socket to barb ) and it cost $6 from Mitre10.

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