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I have decided that because of an abundance of blackberries this year it would be a good chance to put down a brew of blackberry stout. :blink:
I have found recipes from England and Sweeden on this subject but not one from Australia.

Tomorrow I will brew with a can of Coopers Stout 500G of dark malt 100g of corn starch and the juice of 3 kilos of blackberries.

I will keep you posted on the results. :(

If anyone has brewed like this before please let me know what it turned out like.
I have been brewing for over 15 years and now have a keg set up with two kegs on the go all the time.
Friends just seem to come around for a chat and stay for hours :angry:
Made this stout today.. :unsure: only 5 days late.
I put 8 kilo of blackberries in a cheese cloth tied at both ends and boiled with 1 ltr water for 15 minutes.
Squeezed juice out of the berries and found it made up approx 5 ltrs juice.
Added juice to stout wort and got OG 1058.
will ferment for a week and then rack into another fermenter. :rolleyes:
JWB said:
I have found recipes from England and Sweeden on this subject but not one from Australia.
An Australian First!! Just remember guys - you saw it here first :D

Let us know how it goes JWB, sounds great!
<_< I racked the stout into second fermenter yesterday..Gravity was down to 1020 (still has a way to go :unsure: .Sample tasted great. :blink: will give it another 5 days and check again.
:) I dont know if anyone is interested or not . :blink:
But I bottled this stout on Sunday morning.
the Gravity went down to 1020 and stayed there for 5 days so I decided to bottle. Sample tasted sweet with a very pronounced blackberry taste.
I am going to leave it for 4 months before I sample again.. ;)

If I make it again I will use a liquid yeast . I have a feeling it will ferment out a lot more..

Cheers.. :chug:
:D Like Big KEV..."im excited"

Just tasted the first bottle of this blackberry stout...Its been sitting in the cupboard for months and finally the pressure got to me so I cooled one down...

WOW what a stout...creamy with a hint bitterness .
I will be making more of this...

Has any of you guys brewed a bitter from The Wolfs Den called "WOLFS BITTER ?
its an extract brew that I brewed 2 weeks ago...
The sample I tasted was sweetish but I kegged it anyway...was interested if any one out there in booze land has tried it and their comments..
mean while I think I will put another stout in the fridge..

Cheers JWB
Cheers with the Blackberry Stout JWB.

I have brewed a Merry Berry Fruit Blonde with logan berries, raspberries, blackberries.

The fruit produces a nice refreshing sort of tartness.....

There is nothing like drinking your own well made home brew.
About to take another sip of my extract Boston cream. :chug: in a toast to you.

Fell free to post the recipee.
im at the wrong end of australia for stout but jeez this blackberry stout has got my taste buds going.please please please post a recipe or several so i can have a shot at it.
i will even sit in the fridge and drink this one it sounds great.

big d
Big D,

Read at the top of the thread...and I quote;

"Tomorrow I will brew with a can of Coopers Stout 500G of dark malt 100g of corn starch and the juice of 3 kilos of blackberries."

Is that enough of a recipie??
i know linz
for once my fingers where typing quicker than my brain

to quote that famous yellow bald headed guy DOH
enough said i will now banish myself to my shed or there abouts

big but embarrased d
Most of the recipee...but not all of it.

Eg what yeast, SG, hops added, primary fermentation took, was it racked, dry hopped or DRY BERRIED...etc.
Sounds a bit like my dark cherry ale. That was coopers old dark kit, 1.5kg tin of LME, two jars of sucrose-free dark cherry jam, goldings flowers late addition, safale S04.

It's about eight weeks old in the bottle and I haven't tasted it for a month or so. Will taste again and post my impressions for anyone interested.
B) for anyone interested.

1 1.7kg can Coopers Stout
500 gm dark dried malt
100 gm corn starch
8 Kgs fresh blackberries.
OG 1058
FG 1020

Method :blink: I put the blackberries into a large piece of cheese cloth and tied both ends. Into my large boiler I put approx 1ltr of water and put it on the gas until boiling. Then I added the blackberries and boiled them in the water for 15 minutes...Armed with heat proof gloves I twisted the cheese cloth from both ends every 5 minutes to get more juice out..after 15 minutes I ended up with about 5 or 6 ltrs of juice. I removed the blackberries and boiled the juice with the malt and corn starch and the can of stout. (Very thick mixture at this stage and boil over had to be watched carefully)
I boiled the lot for a further 10 minutes and then cooled down to 23 Degs C added it to a fermenter and topped it up to 23 ltr mark..Added the Coopers yeast and sealed the fermenter and put blow off tube in place...(Frothing thru the airlock was going to happen)..I use a brew belt to keep things warm and on checking next morning it was frothing thru the blow off tube in large gulps.After 7 days
I racked into a 2nd fermenter and 5 days later got an SG 1020. This remained SG1020 for another 5 days so I bottled..using one teaspoon on Dark Sugar to prime the bottles..

A bit of buggering around but the results are outstanding

hope this helps

That sounds great, JWB. How strong is the blackberry flavour?

I'm putting on a Belgian raspberry amber ale partial mash tomorrow night. First time I've used fruit so I'm a bit nervous... :unsure:
<_< Hey Snow.

The blackberry flavour is not as pronounced as I would have thought.
Its more of a fruity licquorishy flavour and a lot smoother than expected.
Tried one on a mate yesterday. hes impressed and he usually doesnt like home brew :rolleyes:

The liquorice taste probably came from the molases in the dark sugar you used in priming. If you aged this brew long enough, you could probably get away without priming at all.

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