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Well the time has come to move into the big bad world of kegging. :D

Im picking up my fridge in a couple of days and will be getting the full keg set in a couple of weeks. This will give me plenty of time to stuff around getting the fridge ready.

Has anyone got any advice/ handy hints on setting up an upright keg fridge?

Im not sure if Im going to have the taps on the door or side yet. Is there any benefit to one or the other or is it just person preference?

And what about those cooling pipes and wires. Shes an old fridge so Ive been told everything should be at the back but is there any sure way to be certain Im not carving the fridges main artery?

Any advice, or pics of your setup, would be much appreciated.
I have two taps and both on the door , you won't risk drilling into pipes/wires there.
I also took out the shelves in the door and replaced it with that wood panelling stuff , this allows me to fit CC containers into the fridge as well
You will never look back once you start kegging
Good luck with it
Cheers Batz, door it is.

She's a big bugger so there's plenty of room for CC containers. Once I get the kegs and pipes in and figure out how much clearence there is I'll be putting a shelf in and making up a rack for my bottles (shelf going to have to be strong).

I'll post some pics as I start putting her together.
I'm a big fan of having the taps on the front (ie the door).
You also probably want to plan to have a shelf in the fridge for glasses too.

You can find pictures of my keg fridge on this topic here as well as the pics of some of the other guys.

Thanks Doc,

That's given me plenty of ideas.

i like the gun better,,personal choice. the abilty to take system camping or to a party is great. just sit the keg in a bucket of ice

who la !!
Have both like me
:chug: :chug: :chug:

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