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i need to have a brew ready to drink in about one month (yes.. 4 weeks).

Its for my brothers 21st. so i need it to be swill.... i mean CUB compatable. like VB draught etc.

I am thinking a Coopers draught or lager... must be drinkable quick (i only left 3 weeks to condition :( and 1 to brew cos he aint giving him my beer to drink.

please i will have it in a keg to serve to the punks so i will try to Cold condition for the 3 weeks at 4deg if that will help

(in danger of having to buy VB)
you have'nt got in the fermenter as yet?
Well in 3 weeks I would say forget it, hey that's just me
Maybe someone else can help
1 week to brew
2 weeks in the keg or CC , nup!
beer for the masses.extract
coopers draught can
brewizer brew booster
15-30 g cascade 5-10 mins.

use whatever hops you want just about.

my ussuall all grain beer i make for parties etc is something along the lines of coopers pale ale. i have done it about 6 times all differently.
alot of people are funny about taste in beer they haven't had before and can pressume a wierd taste to them in the beer is a fault but unknown to them that is exactly what it is meant to taste like.

give the people what they want just a little tad better than they are used to.so i tease them a bit now basically with a little cascade on top of my coopers type pale ale.at least here in adelaide beer drinkers are all ussually coopers pale ale drinkers so they aren't totally ignorant about what iam doing.
anyway i think thats a better idea too make something along the lines of a pale ale rather than try and make something that resembles v.b in the space of 4 weeks.
4 weeks is fine for pale ale.
I have a lager kit here, would that do? its similar to the draft kit i guess, i'll add 500g malt, some corn syrip and 500g glucose

Use my liquid london ale yeast? or go the super quick coopers yeast?

they normally brew out within 5 days (coopers yeast) then i'll rack and dry hop lightly?
keg it and put it in the fridge.
(the cold will help clear it, i hope also smooth it out a bit?)

I will start it today, and its due for nov the 26th (gives me 4 weeks secondry)

sound ok?
i have a nut brow ale kit and a dutch lager but i dont want to waste it on them :) i think most of it will be bough back up the next morning any how
sounds fine.as most people would tell you thats properly a bit much glucose.try dextrose or inverted sugar.
i'd just stick with the dry coopers yeast.it may not clear as well so i'd wait till a couple days before the party to transfer it to the keg to get as much yeast out as possible. but it is a good easy yeast to use.

london ale is meant to be the premium english bitter (pale ale) yeast.but iam not that big of a fan of using it in pale ales.

anyway let us know how they like your beer.

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