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Hi all,

I am only doing small volume boils for hop additions at the moment and had some questions about adding hops at flame out.

1) Should you add the hops immediately after you turn off the heat, or should you begin cooling and then add the hops?

2) How long would you leave the 'flame out' hops in the wort? (i.e. I use ice/cold water in the fermenter to get the correct temps, so it is not necessary that I cool the boil pot)

3) Straining the hops when adding to the fermenter, should the liquid be squeezed out as much as possible from the spent hops, or should I just let the majority dribble through and then discard the hops?


Hi Steve
Every one will have their own opinion.

I turn the the heat off add the hops then remove the pot from the stove. or to a cold element. So straight away i guess.

After flame out you would usually let them steep for about 30 min on average.

When im straining them into the FV I use a spoon to squeeze out as much as i can. I dont know if this is the correct thing to do, but i works for me.

I hope this helps.
Personally, I would add the hops to the FV. Once fermentation has occurred the alcohol will extract extra flavour out of the hops.
I also add my bittering hops to the FV. lol I don't want to waste any flavour. :lol:

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