Price Plunge In International Price Of Malt

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From the London Telegraph newspaper...

The international price of malting barley, which is used to make beer, has significantly dropped in recent months...

The price farmers get for their barley is so far removed from what homebrewers pay for malt that you will likely not see any difference in what you end up paying. In fact due to factors of inflation such as increases in wages etc. you will probably see price rise if anything! :lol:
Yeah I can see it getting absorbed into the profit margins of the supply chain rather than beer prices dropping.

More likely to get overshadowed by increaded energy costs - all that steeping, heating, drying uses a lot of energy. Not to mention the cost of fuel to deliver the malt.
Probably best to stick with Weyermann from now on as I don't believe the Germans are introducing a carbon tax.

Now, how about the price of polenta? B)
Just noticed on the news tonight the Australian dollar id down to 101 cents US. That means it costs more to import goods into this country, and it also means Australian farmers get more for their grain.
You will likely notice the price of petrol going up now too. All these factors add up to higher cost to deliver malt to the homebrewer.
Good thing I make my own malt. :)

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