Potential Yeast Contamination?

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Hey guys,

So its been ages since I've posted, and I haven't even lurked behind the scenes much. I sort of had a brief hiatus in my brewing career, but that's over now.

I've just brewed myself a honey wheat, which was too hot to pitch the yeast last night.

My issue though is that I somehow managed to accidentally order a 'craftbrewer' brand of US ale yeast, but it came in one large packet of 28 grams (for a quantity of 2 ordered). I used (about) half for my last brew, and put the remaining half into a snap lock bag and back into the fridge. It didn't even occur to me at the time, but could I have introduced foreign nasties to be sitting with the yeast? That'll likely thrive when I pitch them into my nutrient rich wort?

Have I wasted this yeast? I'm a bit worried about pitching this, as I really don't want an infection.

What do you guys think?

I've split dried yeast packs frequently (kept fridged and airtight) and never had a problem. Also, some guys get 500g packs and scoop out of them before refreezing.
I was more worried about the moving into a resealable snap lock bag. But you think this will be ok?

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