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What is the most number of brews you have managed on a single pack of yeast?

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The Imperial Metric Brewery
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Following on from the Yeast Slurry post, I am curious as to how many brews people have managed to get out of a single pack of yeast? Once you start paying $10 to $15 for a pack of yeast this kind of thing is good for the economics!
I normally make a huge starter with the initial pack (Starter of around 1.5-2L).

I then use 500ml of it in the brew I'm making, then put the rest into 5-6 stubbies. I then use those for starters. I've never tried keeping some of the second generation starters though. I figure that far along the strain will start to change (I could be wrong though! I know stuff-all about yeast).

So for $15 or so I get around 6-7 brews, which I think is pretty economical (cheaper than dry yeast anyway!).
The yeast strain I've used the most would have to be WLP300 (hefeweizen) yeast.
I made a big starter with the original bought yeast and split to three stubbies. When I got to the last stubbie, I made another big starter and split again. I've done it probably another two time since then.
I am now at the point at which I'm considering buying that strain again. I only have one stubbie left and a 750ml long neck which is 1/3 yeast cake.

I normally build a starter (small, then 125ml, then 2Lt)

split this into 6 stubbies. I then use one stub to built it up again to 2Lt then pitch.

I build each stub. to 2Lt before pitching

I think this is ok.

The other way i have tried was build 2Lt then poor 1 stub. and use the rest in the brew. next time build the stub. to 2Lt and again poor off one stub for next time (do this say 5 times..
Don't you have to pour off the liquid and use only the slurry in the bottom of the starter?
This must make it difficult to split into several stubbies ?
Put it all the the stubbies batz and let the yeast settle to the bottom of the stubby in the fridge. Then you can pour of the liquid out from the stubby if you want.
Thanks Jayse
You say if I want ? Don't you do this ?
I made a big 2lt starter once and poured it all in the wort , tasted a bit and it was OK , but beer had a after taste , I put it down to the 1.75lt or so of liquid
batz the only reason i would tip it out is because you make the starter wort up to 1.040.
so if you tip the liquid out of the brew you know for sure the starter will start at 1.040.
so it all depends how much liquid is in the stubby. if there isn't enough to dillute the starter don't worry.

as far a flavour. i guess with you lighter lager etc taste would come into it alot more.
anyway if theres alot of liquid tip it out.
just add to that.
don't tip any liquid out of the starter before you pitch in your brew.
Only when you take it from the fridge before you start it.

that wort is only plain malt like most of the brew.
it can't effect flavour and your getting every last yeast cell into the brew.

so tip the cold liquid out of the stubby before making the starter and pitch all the fermenting wort starter into the brew.
Thanks again
Perhaps it was not the starter at all that gave me the taste I was not expecting , I was reading Palmers book and that is where I came up with the tip out the liquid thingy.
I just smacked a Cal. Larger 2112 , will try your method , should be ready for a brew Wendnesday
I'm the same as doc, i make a starter from the original, split it into 6 stubbies, then make a starter from one of the stubbies, (or if im brewing, use half the original starter) then when the stubby stocks run low, the next one i brew a make a 2L starter and break about a litre into a few stubs.. i think im on my third generation, still all good..

The last yeast i did however (calf ale V) i made the 'mega starter' and dumped 5L into my crippler, and 2L into a starter thats ready to go for tonight (i'll drop in some sugar to get it active again, but its got nearly an inch of flocc'd yeast in the bottom of a 2L coke bottle) and bottled a 6 pack of stubbies..
I use the 6-method as well, and also resuse the yeast from the secondary. I would normally get around 20 brews out of a single pack. I could go further, but I'd probably never get around to trying new strains.
It could easily be 15+ - I've used yeast from secondary so many times now I'm thinking of getting some new sachets just to get an idea if my repitched yeast has altered character over time - and to try some other profiles.

Given the right conditions (eg. regular brewing and a capacity to store slurry if not immediately needed), I think that liquid yeast is a bargain at $15 per sachet.

:p Indeed, Reg. I have tried to convert a couple of brewing mates to liquid yeast, but they always get the horrors at the $15 price tag.
I then start to explain how to break it up into about six serves (which makes it cheaper than dried yeast, and much better) but they seem to drift away.
There's none so deaf as those who won't listen!
Mind you, these are people who still swear by a kilo of sugar.

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