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Pumpy's Brewery.
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At last got my fridge I spent all day cleaning it ,I cant believe how well its scrubbed up.

Anybody think I should reinforce the shelves ??

I going to recommence breing a lager after Christmas .

I made the thermostat controller.

I will have to get those stubby air locks .

This is my Christmas pressy from the missus ,she had the new one .

I can ferment a batch and be racking the next ,thanks Santa.

Very sweet. And no stupid freezer to get in the way of the brewing goodness. I would be a bit worried about the strength of the shelves too though.

I'd definitely build some stronger shelves. Make your first shelf sit on top of the compressor hump. This will have the added bonus of giving a little more hight in the fridge.

I made a similar shelf for my serving fridge. I just used some 6-ply. Cut one sheet to fit from the front to the back, over the compressor hump. Cut a second piece to fit from the front to the foot of the compressor hump. Attach 4 legs and your done. The reason for having the bottom piece of ply, is to spread the load, I didn't want the weight of 5 kegs going through 4 legs with a base of only 40mm by 40mm.

The rough diagram is what I knocked up for the inside of my fridge, but you could then build a second shelf on top of this.


Thanks for your help MAH thats a great suggestion

I was planning to do as you suggest, MAH, but I was worried about the plywood restricting cold airflow around the fridge. Do you have any problems with this?

Cheers - Snow
I have a timber shelf over the compressor hump in mine, yeast goes under the shelf, dont notice any problems with the yeast being not as cold as everything else in the fridge.
Hi Snow

I don't notice any problems with cold air flow. There probably is some but it would be minor.

Nice one Pumpy,
The missus is at home today, taking delivery of a new Maytag side by side unit and that free's up our 355L Admiral as a keg fridge!!
I've ordered 4 kegs from C&C and they're on their way!
Great TL ,

It sounds like your going into the big time ,have you been leaving those brochures of new fridges around the missus and putting up no opposition when she suggests buying one ,not knowing you have a mission for the old fridge !!

Does anyone else have any pictures of what they have done to aviod the compressor hump?

I have just bought myself a proper keg fridge and have to build something tomorrow..

looking for inspiration.

sluggerdog said:
Does anyone else have any pictures of what they have done to aviod the compressor hump?
I just use the crisper and as long as some of the weight is on the hump it seems to be no problem.

I just saw you meant a keg fridge, not a fermenting fridge. I haven't done anything about the hump in my keg fridge. I can fit two kegs in front of the hump and one jerry can sit on the hump for cold conditioning.
With my compressor pump hump Slugger I just sat one of the wire shelves out of the fridge at the back of the hump and then cut 2 pieces of 3x2 pine to the right length to support the front of the shelf, the weight you put on the shelf will keep the legs in place
MAH I just bought a bit of exterior ply to make the compressor hump reinforcement , thats my weekend job .

This is my first Vienna lager sitting at 12C a few starters and builing another big starter in the big grolsch bottle will go into the half gallon demijohn for anothe batch I making this weekend .

My baby starters in the conicle flasks nice wide surface area for the yeast.

Copied Tonys idea of the metho bottle in the door with the sensor in it so the fridge dont come on everytime I open the door works great .

the curly wire is the sensor just trying to think of a way to tidy it up .

Bit of work but if you wanted to tidy up your sensor wire, why not mount wherever it goes to on teh outside of the door, run the sensor in behind the seal and drill a hole through the internals of the door. that way you wont lose anything out of the cold out of the fridge. i havent done this yet, but have the same problem with my coil everywhere, just havent had the inspiration to do it myself yet.
Nice idea Berto ,I like things Neat .the sensor is abot 10mm wode be a big hole spose could silicone up .

My airlocks freeze when I lager are they necessary californian common beer and the Vienna lager

Could try a tube running into a bottle of water. Still gives you an airlock, just not the normal one you are used to. The larger volume of water shoul stop it from freezing. If not add some salt and you will probably want some sanitiser in there too.

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