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I spoke to Mark at the IBS again about a tasting session.

He said that for about 6 bods, they could do about 8 beers for about $20 a head. These are guesses - so I will tighten that up a fair bit if I can - including a list of the beers, but it sounds pretty reasonable to me - any thoughts? (bear in mind though that they will probably be small tastes of each one)

They do the tastings on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings - but it sounded like there is a bit of room to move on that front. What night is the best for everyone ? I suspect that Tues or Wed might be the best as Mark doesn't work on Sunday or Monday, Thursday and Friday are probably their busiest days, and most people have something on on the weekends (brewing).

At this stage the (penciled) list of attendees are:


anyone else? ...JasonY? ...Guest Lurker? who else is in Perth?
What about Tuesday 14th April?

I'll be there , love to go to one of these

Pencil me in, hope they are small samples ... long drive home from there! :blink:
Very lightly pencil me in so you can rub it out if I piss off overseas at short notice, which is quite likely. If I go, I'll cycle, so anyone worried about the drive should sip, savour, then pass the glass to me! Wayhay, won't even notice the cycle home.
I'll let the 2? other Perth ratebeer forum posters know :)

One of them loves belgians (spent 6 months touring the country tasting beer!). He's written a couple of the articles that have been sent out via the IBS newsletter.
So where is this place?

Is it far from the city , can i afford a taxi?
gday batz

from the back of my amazing memory ;)

69 mc court street
west leederville.

yep not to far from city via taxi.cost????

goat if theres a tasting in june/july count me in.guess if all goes well there will be earlier tastings.

as was suggested to me by deebee i think.take a fat wallet with you or no money at all as the range of import beers will astound you.its that good.
I am sure it will big d,
Is that the place they do that club thingy , and do monthy beer packs?
If so I am a member , my buy a mixed pack to take on the Adelaide leg of the tour , sure GMK would appreciate it :p
It'll be 10-15$ for a taxi each way.

Best bet is to catch the 84? 92? bus. It goes along cambridge street, and its a 1 min walk from cambridge st to mc court :) It'll cost you $2 both ways so long as you're not more than an hour and a half
thats a very hard call first time there was ages in looking at the varieties even before i started to think about what i would of luck batz
We can certainly try for the 14th - would you be able to come Deebee? I'll give Mark a call today to see if we can book something.

So, I make that definates:


Sounds like a quorum !!
Mark at the IBS has pencilled the 14th of April for 8 people. At that number of attendees the cost will be $25 per head - so there may some movement in the cost depending on numbers. If the numbers reduce to say 5 for example, we would only need 2 bottles of each, but the price per head would remain around $25.

This is for a total of 3 bottles of each of the following beers:

Timmermans: Peche
Belview: Kriek
Belview: Framboise
Cantillon: Kriek
Liefmans: Kriek
Liefmans: Frambozenbier
Liefmans: Goudenband
Floris: Apple

Some feedback on this list would be good (at the risk of opening a can of worms) - is it starting to sound too fruity? I am advised that the first five are all the Lambics they stock however. We can change/add/subtract to all of this of course.
Tues and Weds are my worst nights. And it is also the same week we hit the piss, errh... I mean sample an array of fine beers, with batz on Friday so I may be running out of browny points that week.

Let me see how the marital barometer looks closer to the date. Lightly pencil me in.
Yeah - sorry Deebee. It sounded like our dates were more flexible than Batz's

I know what you mean with the browny points - there's going to have to be a fair bit of work done on my part between now and then....

If everyone is in the same boat we can change the dates
Ok now stop this right now !! :angry:

You namby pamby , girls blouse , la la boys !!! :p :p

You just tell the troulbe and strife that BATZ !! is travelling 1600km for a couple of beers , and your gunna be there ! :angry: :blink:

This only happens once and a while (well till big d comes anyway) :p

:angry: :angry:

:chug: :chug: :chug:
Yeah right.....

my wife's glare can kill a man at 20 paces
14th is a Wednesday not a Tuesday

Sorry :huh:

Now you'll all be allowed to come !
Alright I'll come Batz, but you have to tell my wife.
Too easy

Would a pack of Coral Trout help? :unsure: