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Howdy all,
Got a coopers pale ale with brewcraft enahancer no 10 fermenting in a wardrobe in the shed. Temp is currently at 14 degrees. Will this temp affect it much or is it ok???
halfinch - 14 degrees should be OK although a little on the cool side. prolly better to have it sitting at around 18 for ales. make sure you take a hydro reading b4 bottling to ensure it is fermented out.

i wish i could have my fermenter at 14. just brewed a lawnmower ale with 85%pils. 10% flaked maize and 5% munich, using US-56 yeast. and saaz hops for a pseudo lager. Trying to crash cool atm in laundry trough with ice.
thanks roach,
joys of living on the good island (tassie) this time of year!!!!
I almost want to move to Tassie just for the better brewing climate.

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