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i got some of these oztop things, and have made 2 great ciders which i really enjoyed, (well more so i enjoyed them cos the ladies enjoyed them :) ) but anyway, it says in the instructions to stop fermenting, place in the fridge.

My question is, if i dont want to keep the cider in the juice bottle, and maybe transfer it to some glass bottles, when/can i do it?

I mean, if i put it in the fridge for like 2 days to stop the fermenting, but i want to store it for a few weeks, does it have to stay in the fridge? or can i just be stored in my garage with the rest of my brews? And if i can transfer it to glass, when is the best time? before i put it in the fridge?

Ideally you would add pot. sorbate, then siphon into the bottles you wish to keep it in. To be safe I reckon I would keep the glass bottles in the fridge

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might just put it in PET botles and leave in the out side fridge
It has to stay in the fridge or it will keep fermenting and dry right out. If your in glass and it keeps fermenting you could be in trouble as you have no idea how much fermentable sugar is still in there. If you really need to store it why don't you take the oztop off and put a normal PET bottle lid on therefore negating the need to transfer bottles? You won't lose much carbonation this way either which is the whole point of oztops.


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