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Hi all, i'm getting a small oxygen tank this week with the aim of having it replace my aeration pump. It's an aviation type bottle with a 2L per min outlet, & will be hooked up to a stainless aeration stone. Apparently a HEPA filter isn't necessary with pure oxygen.

Firstly, just wondering if anyone has experience with this type of setup? 2L per min is quite a lot, but will probably be slowed down by the aeration stone. I imagine 30 secs would be a good place to start for a 20L wort of average OG.

Secondly, just wondering if there'd be any interest in other Sydney AHB'ers using the bottle? Terms & cond's TBD, but i'm not in it to make money so as long as i don't get mucked about or the bottle/reg damaged it might be a good chance for other brewers to see if using oxy helps their brews, especially for high OG beers.

Getting the bottle in friday, so will hopefully have it setup in a week or 2...


I use an oxygen regulator and have it at 1l per min for a min, so 2l per min for 30 seconds should be good.

Ive been extremely happy with the end result.
I'd be keen to use the bottle Mikk. I'm moving to Petersham in March so will be close to you. I'll get in touch once I'm set up.

I'd be keen to use the bottle Mikk. I'm moving to Petersham in March so will be close to you. I'll get in touch once I'm set up.


No problem. I'll hopefully have no issues with setting everything up. A few different users might help determine the best oxygenation time/technique!
So, my oxy bottle's nearly useable but really i just wanted to post a photo of it. It's just so hilariously cute!

The 2 outlets are 2lpm & 4lpm. I thought the 2lpm would be ok, but actually puts out about 3lpm, even through a hepa filter & airstone.

I had to make a fitting to suit the outlet, so may need to make another one that restricts the flow to a more appropriate flow (evn though the outlet itself is meant to be the flow limiter). Either way, it'll still work but it just means that i'll be wasting some gas as it bubbles back out of the wort. Bottle size is only 120L though, so using a flow restictor/regulator might be the way to go if i don't want to have very frequent refills. I'll be aiming for no more than 1lpm, but will be using as-is on my 1.071 maibock tonight to see how it goes. I'll oxygenate for 30 secs, & again after 12-14 hours.

Enjoy the cuteness!

mikk - are you able to please divulge where you located your bottle, reg, etc from, and your process in regards to refills? cheers.
Bottle/reg was bought online second hand, & refills will (hopefully) be able to be taken care of by a contact in the aviation industry here in Sydney.

Also hopefully, it won't take too much bribery to get it filled as i can see it needing to be filled kinda often!

As for hydro-testing, i've yet to come up with a solution for that but am working on it. Having said that though, this bottle is rated for use at 20 000ft altitude at 1850psi, & the bottle over-pressure relief doesn't activate til 2600psi, so unless the bottle's been mistreated in the past with regards to being emptied completely & allowing moisture to enter etc should be good for quite a while to come.

Large non-rental welding oxy cylinders seem to be available from time to time, & if you could snag one of these the gas would last for years and years without needing to be refilled, if space wasn't a problem.