Oktoberfest At Ballarat

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Now, I still have no list of brewers to take part in BEER2, which is where one brewer sends a bottle of one of his beers to the other BEER brewers and we all drink and evaluate that beer on-line, then the next BEER brewer sends out bottles of his beer, etc. It is a great way to gain insight into how to judge and rate beers and will increase your enjoyment of good beer. There is no requirement that all the beers must be all-grain, extract including kit (but not k+k) beers are welcome.

Those who want to join BEER 2 please advise by the end of this week.

Someone was supposed to organise the Oktoberfest in Ballarat but I guess that has fallen through. I would still love to attend, have learned stuff and drank myself to liver failure the other two Fests as well as meeting Oz Hbrewers face to face.

I still want the Fest to go ahead, but for reasons of work commitments the middle of November might be better. We will have it at the Eastern Station B&B in Ballarat, where they have Uni of Ballarat beers on tap all the time, and we will have space upstairs to party on in. a trip through the Uni of Ballarat Brewery can be arranged, we can hold a mash demo and for those from out of Vic the wives can shop till they drop in Melbourne that is only 2 hours drive away.

If no one else wants to step to the plate i will organise it, please advise by the end of this week if you wish to attend. I have now attended two Fests and they have all been fantastic. I believe the Eastern Station charges about $25 a night for bed & breakfast, but will find out a more exact cost

i urge all to participate in a BEER and the Fest. The fun, drinking and learning are all tremendous.

Please advise any interest in BEER2 and Fest by email to:

[email protected]

Hmmm two brewers from this forum attended part of Sydneyfest, the tour through the malt shovel brewery

Jovial Monk
Actually Monk,

More than two others on this list attended the Sydfest.

and of course the note taking, photo taking KOOK ;) ,

And a few others.

I'd love to go, but it really depends on the finances. Will check and see what can be done!
Hi guys...I am interested in going to Ballarat.

JM...any chance in organising a light bus to take everyone?

I am glad a few are interested in the Ballarat Fest

But you will need to get there under your own steam

Get another brewer from your part of the country to go, then share expenses/driving

I have attended both fests so far, good fun!

so see what you can do, then we can organise a suitable long weekend

Thu/Fri/Sat/sun till lunchtime or so then all head back home

The March 04 Fest is scheduled for SA, with the right numbers I can organise a venue right in the heart of the Southern Vales wine area, tour of Coopers, etc

I am interested in the Ballarat Octoberfest.

Can you publish the dates.

I will also be able to take a couple of people.....

Let me know those that are interested.

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