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Posted under the Grumpys mill thread as well, but thought if might be worth posting again for others to see.

Here's a link that popped up the other day on the Craftbrewers group on how to easily make a mill.

It uses three washing machine motors, two dead ones cut open for the rollers and one live one to power it. The thing is with this mill, the average bloke could build it with an angle grinder, bit of steel, a drill and a file with a few bolts. Looks very doable, especially for those of us that don't have easy access to a metal lathe and the expertise to use it.

If you can choose your motors wisely you can get two motors of the same housing size so that you can use the available mounting brackets on the motors themselves, coupled with this the "now" rollers are already mounted in bearing and also have pulleys.

Absolute genious - :huh: :blink: :D (genius).

Maybe this deserves another fresh topic.

Cheers, Justin

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