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Dave D

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Hi All,

New here so I thought I would say "Hi". Equipment: Cooper, with the removable collar (no air lock). No real reason why I purchased this. I guess it was all wrapped up at Dan Murphys for $120 and I wanted it immediately and not wait 1 day to talk to a brew expert and get the traditional equip. Anyway as I am new I will bore you with my personal brew log history of 3 batches.
Batch 1 (Coopers kit Lager OG 1.036 FG 1.011) - Followed the rules but upon testing the batch before bottling it definitely threw off some banana flavours and generally unpleasant. I thought secondary fermentation (bottling) will sort it out but I came to the conclusion that my primary fermentation temp was too high (approx. 25-27 deg. consistently). I know the coopers team tell you that this is within range but I am not sold.
Batch 2 (Coopers Pale ale OG 1.037 FG 1.009 because i threw in a little more dextrose) - Followed the instructions perfectly but this time Brissie was in a coolish snap (15 deg night - 22 deg day) and upon testing after primary fermentation it seemed much closer to being drinkable. It has been sitting in bottles for a 8 days now and already tested again and its wonderful already! Color, flavours. Its all happening. Looking forward to another week or two.
Batch 3 (Ginger beer experiment - 7L batch). I love Ginger beer and there is not a huge amount of recipes out there so I took bits and pieces and made my own. Consisted of 420gms ginger, 1 lemon zest, 1 cinnamon stick, spoon of peppercorns, 450ml coopers brew kit, 300gm raw sugar, 300 gm dextrose. No sure what to expect but its still cooling as I write so before I throw it into a fermenter I will check the gravity and adjust accordingly. Be good to get any feedback from you guys if you are reading. Cheers Dave
Hi Dave, you have fairly quickly realised that temperature control is an important aspect of brewing, second only to sanitation. Good luck and welcome.

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