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Ive been after one of these bad boys since i sold my Triaxis and 2:90 rig a couple of years ago. Finally caved and got it, had the cab already, and luckily found a buyer for my Peavey 6505 (interim solution to the lack of Mark V after moving away from the rack rig).

Figured i'd post her up and see if anyone else has any cool gear/a love of everything music!


Is that a Schechter?

I used to be a guitarist in a death metal band and had a Schechter C7 - damn nice axe for the money :super:

Was gagging for a Mesa in those days but never had the scratch - bet it sounds amazing!
It certainly is! It's the C-1 Elite, but I whacked in bare knuckle aftermath pickups a few months back!

She sounds amazing!

What did you run through?
It certainly is! It's the C-1 Elite, but I whacked in bare knuckle aftermath pickups a few months back!

She sounds amazing!

What did you run through?

I took out the EMG707 at the bridge and replaced it with an 81-7. I have an Omen-7 too so I was able to remove the shite coils from that and after buying two 81-7's split the combo across both axes so I have 707-neck, 81-7-bridge in both.

Only had it running through a standard Marshall combo on a 4x12 cab with a GT6 pedal.

I was a poor uni student at the time and couldn't afford what I wanted - a mesa half stack and a set of Bareknuckle Nailbombs :super:
Nail bombs were on my list to buy as well, but now all my guitars have had bare knuckles except for an old ibanez I have, so getting my fill of nail bombs and rebel yells will be pointless!

I wouldn't mind building a guitar, a guess a cnc machinist could cut the body in no time, buy a neck.. Can't be too hard haha!

Any recordings?
Yeah, not on this computer though unfortunately - all the tracks we've recorded are on my old, still in pieces machine.

I was looking at my own build too - mahogany and purpleheart laminated through-body neck, mahogany wings and a stained rosewood fretboard. Would have weighed a ton but had more sustain than Spinal Tap!

There is a website, It primarily services 7 string players, but, there are extensive build threads on there that are well worth checking out.

How do the aftermath pups stack up?
Cheers man, I'll check it out!

Aftermaths are tight, focused gain, and rich in the mid and highs. Very articulate!

I also have a set of war pigs in an explorer! That thing is a heavy beast on the mark v! I love the graphic eq, it lets you thicken the tone, without the flub!
Hot damn, that's a nice looking halfstack. But turn the guitar round next time, dude!

Gotta pull my finger out, service my amps and get playing again. They've been gathering dust for years.
I'll post some stuff in that porn thread.. I keep the guitar facing down for balance and to not knock the tuners..

Here is a cover I did of an Amon Amarth track with the explorer!

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