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Hey everyone,

Posting my first recipe! Havn't done so before as I'm afraid of getting toasted by the more experienced brewers. I'll put on the flame suit just in case! :)

Here is the recipe for my New English Ale. People new to brewing might want to try this out as it is simple and makes a pretty good drop. I called it New English Ale purely because I couldn't think of an original name for it! :huh:

I racked this beer for 2 weeks to clear it up and let it condition in the bottle for about a month before drinking. Has a good mouthfeel and nice aroma. Can't wait to see how it is after 6 months.



View attachment New_English_Ale.pdf
I hope the flame suit isn't required.
A big part of the idea of the homebrew game is brewing what you like to drink.
A couple of comments if I may.
At 19l OG would be pretty high, probably around the 1060 mark.
You may find that it can handle a bit more bitterness, given a Coopers Real Ale is around 30IBU (Edit: around 36IBU in 19l) and the style (closer to an IPA) would call for around 48IBU. A decent half-handful of Fuggles (or Goldings) pellets boiled for around 30mins would work a treat.
But I return to my opening lines. Brew what you like to drink.
Cheers Bilph!

I'm always open to suggestions. I usually go a bit easy with the hops as I'm worried about overdoing it. I don't like drinking turf. This brew doesn't have a lot of bitterness. Could definately use some more hops.

Thanks for the tips.
You've got plenty of scope with that style of brew, especially if it's one you enjoy already.
Once you've got the hops and bitterness to your satisfaction, you could back off the malt by about 150g and throw in about 250g of Crystal malt.
Liquid yeast will make a big difference as well.
Experiment, learn and enjoy.
It's fiendishly gratifying to say "That batch wasn't quite right... best scoff it all and try something slightly different"

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