New Burners Available.and 18 Gallon Kegs. Adelaide.

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P1120526.JPGI have two New Burners available.
I do not think you can buy them now,not in Adelaide anyway, according to Globe Import where these came from years ago.
If you want one or both, Pm with your best offers as I'm not sure what is a fair price for them. Can not remember what i paid.

I have one unconverted 18 Gallon Stainless Steel Keg for sale for $80.
Another 18 Gallon has had the top Plasma cut out and for sale at $90.
PM if you want a Keg.

If I recall correctly they're NASA burners?

Good stuff from a good bloke.
Yep they look like NASA burner. IMHO they are the best burners available to the brewer. Perfect for a single batch or even when you upgrade to 100L batches.

I'd be all over those kegs like white on rice if they were closer, someone will get the makings of a good brewery :icon_cheers:
Nasa burners at Hong Kong shop Pooraka for $45 all the time
JT, I have send several emails to your address are sure it is correct? The emails have been returned to me.

I am posting the opend one as you requested.

The Kegs come without Stands and Silicone Bungs.(The bung are available from Wine Equipment Shops)


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