New Brewer: What Is This Floaty Stuff?

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First post for me, long time reader, first time caller, and all that. This site is a great resource, and I'm trying to learn. I've done a few kit brews with good results, but this doesn't seem challenging enough so it's small batch BIAB time.

I followed [topic="38674"]Nick JD's guide[/topic], using some grains and US-05 from the LHBS and it seems to have produced beer at the end of it, and it's been bottled and now I am giving it some time before trying one. I'm pretty sure it has waaay too much hops, but hey it's only a few bottles it's a learning experience. Yesterday I gave it another go (less hops this time), and there is "something" floating after I leave the pot to chill overnight in the laundry tub:

I do wonder if this is hot break? cold break? It wasn't visible when I set the pot aside to cool overnight, and in the last batch it seemed to disappear. after the yeasties started moving everything around.

Is this is normal? Did I do something wrong?

Thanks in advance,

Here it is once poured into the fermenter:
Looks like you left a mate alone with it and added some of their goodness :ph34r:

It's cold break in my experience, not sure why you get the big jelly fish in some brews and not others.

Happy brewing!!
If you left it cool over night, it'll be a mixture of both cold and hot break.

Cold break looks like jelly fish
Hot break looks like flecks of brain/snot