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Has anyone got their burner plumbed into their domestic supply of natural gas?

How did you get around the certification issues of the appliance?

Does it absolutely have to be fixed or can you find loopholes like having it fixed to a bench, but put castors on the bench?

It would be a great way to hide a portion of the brewing budget (LPG refills) into the household budget.
When I was looking for my burner, the guy in the shop (a specialist burner) was trying to sell me one that connected direct to mains gas, so I know they are availiable. Not sure about the legalities though.
I settled for a NASA burner, and it works a treat. Gas isn't a huge cost for me as there is a place on the way out to 'grain & grape' that does refils for $20.
While we are on the topic, can anybody beat $20 for a 9kg refill in melb?
Hi Voota,
I get mine changed at the Bunnings thats on the same road as Grain and grape for $20 as well.
Cant say I have found it cheaper anywhere yet.


Not sure on the legalities... but couldn't you just call it a gas heater on its side ;) ...... There fully portable, with hose lengths up to 3m....

I'm playing around with a natural gas burner at home ATM, just plumbed it into the spigot with standard 3m gas hose for a heater. The fiting at the appliance end of the hose is just a 5/8" compression fitting... easy enough to match (get a reducer from enzed)

Asher for now
I run a copper on natural gas from my bbq bayonet on my deck. I just went to southern plumbing and bought a 3m hose and a NG regulator all up cost me about $50 and just replaced the lpg hose with the new one. Works a treat and never have to worry about running out of gas. The burner on the copper is an old single ring cast iron job I thought it might not work but it gets a wicked rolling boil going!

Had a mate in Sydney, Plumber/gasfitter by trade. He was a genius with his hands and had the BBQ out back + patio heaters all running on mains.

Talking to him about it, he being licenced all lines/fittings to spec 100% legal.

So if approved/installed by the appropriate person, sweet! & we all know tradesmen will check over a job for a 6 pack or three.

Get an outside bayonet installed,then get fittings,hose NG regs from bbq shops for your burner all quick connect.Fixed is when its hard plumbed to the gas line with a shut off valve
I have Natural Gas in my house but not down the back. I attached a valve to the pipe so I could access the gas. I was having trouble getting my kettle to boil in a timely manner so I decided to expand.

Itinially I pulled apart some old gas water heaters and used the burners out of them(they work great and still use one on my hlt). Not enough heat out of it though for my kettle. Went and purchased a mongolian burner from gameco(what a beast).

The gas line I was using was a garden hose, however it was about 20meters long and could not get enough gas flow. I then changed it over to one inch gal pipe to get the quantity of gas I needed.

Now I know what your thinking... is it dangerous, well sort of, however the beauty of natural gas is its low pressure and safer than LPG. I also only turn the valve on to my system when needed, and there are no leaks so its safe.

I take great care when using gas and I am very careful with the system I have, if nobody knows...

I have a Natural Gas bayonet in my brewery/pool room. Given that you can re-jet your barbie to run on natural gas, has anyone heard of a re-jetted wok burner?
Seems like a cheap alternative to a 9Kg bottle refil.

mandrakar said:
I have a Natural Gas bayonet in my brewery/pool room. Given that you can re-jet your barbie to run on natural gas, has anyone heard of a re-jetted wok burner?
Seems like a cheap alternative to a 9Kg bottle refil.


Do you also have a shed load of ventilation in your pool room? Could be an issue if you started getting through a decent volume of gas.
I have NG at home with a four ring burner. I had to have the jets drilled out for NG.
You really need to get someone who really knows what they are doing. I knew a couple of plumbers that were good with gas but werent game to re jet my burner. The guy who did mine said that you must have a blue flame if it is a yellow coloured flame that this is bad especially in confined spaces as it depletes oxygen in the air. The 4ring burner cost me $65 at paddys markets and a dozen lognecks to have it converted to NG. Most commercial shops will tell you that you cant do it.

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