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I ordered my NASA burners instead of collecting them while in Adealide ( in under two weeks now guys )

Bloodly glad I did , there is no way these babies would have fit into my suit case , and the box weighs in at 10 KG.

It was expencive to have them transported , $40 up here , the two burners were only $60 , still will give you people considering having some arrive by Aussie post an idea of the cost.

I hope I can fit in one AG before I go , so as to give them a test , maybe a Oktoberfest that can ferment away for 3 weeks while I am gone.

i packed mine in my suitcase batz and took them to perth then back up here.showed em off at guestlurkers brewday.
mind you i left the stands in adelaide.gave them to my dear old mum to use as pot plant stands.
cut down on the bulk but still rather heavy. <_<
they packed in well against all the extra grain i shoved in the suitcase ;) :rolleyes:

big d
Thanks Batz - I'm about to order a couple (when I have sufficient browny points), your summary gives me something to budget (hide change) for....
Without the stands yes they would be

I am glad I have the stands all the same
Worried about the keg TDA
I can't seem to get a yes or no from the airlines , I don't want to roll up with the keg and be told I can not bring it , what would I do with it then?

Still looking

ahem.... are you leaving from Perth airport Batz?

I'm sure the fella's could get together and help you out with a stranded keg.....
I know Kook got a converted keg on a flight from Sydney to Perth last year.
Apparently the check-in staff thought it was the most interesting baggage they had seen :D

Batz, not a chance in hell of getting a full keg of beer on that plane. I managed to get four cornies on the plane all taped up together without the lids in but the number of people that kept asking me if they were pressurized was stupid. Even when I was standing in the checkin que the staff were coming up to me and asking what they were and telling me that you can't take pressurized items in the plane (I already had the lids out of them). Also the number of travellers asking questions was pretty amazing too, everyone of them loved it when I said they were kegs for homebrewed beer ;)

I was aware of the problems with pressure and actually didn't even want to load them on the plane with the lid in even if I could, I was scared they were going to explode going up or collapse coming down with the changes in pressure (they would too you know). So basically the answer is no, no kegs of beer on the plane.

Cheers, Justin
Well blows that idea away :(

Time to bottle a few I suppose

Bummer :angry:

Maybe if you pay for another seat, you could sit the kegs next to you in the pressurised cabin! :lol:

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