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The Old Man of Brew
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Munting Ilog, Silang, Cavite, Philippines
Hi all
Have been having a few requests for various recipes so I thought I would post this Saison. Its better than the beer that did well at the nationals as I cut down on the spices a bit. You might have trouble getting the yeasts, but you could try your local outlets and they could order it in for you. I have never tried another yeast so I cant help there.
The spices were ground in a coffee grinder and the tea bags went straight in the boil. The beer is sweet at first and then has a nice bitter/spice finish. For those who want to try brewing something different give it a go as it really is a nice beer and bugger I only have a few bottles left.
The sugar adds alcohol without increasing the body, so be warned its like drinking a 5% beer but it is 7%. Its one bottle a nite beer. Recipe Results E-mail

Saison Ale 2004

Category: Belgian and French Ale
Subcategory: Saison
Recipe Type: All Grain
Batch Size: 20 liters
Volume Boiled: 24 liters
Mash Efficiency: 65 %
Total Grain/Extract: 6.45 kg.
Total Hops: 85.0 g.
Calories (12 fl. oz.): 264.5
Cost to Brew: $32.17 (USD)
Cost per Bottle (12 fl. oz.): $0.57 (USD)

4.3 kg. Australian Pilsner
1 kg. German Light Munich
.3 kg. German CaraHell
.25 kg. Australian Wheat Malt
.1 kg. German CaraAroma
.5 kg. Cane Sugar
30 g. East Kent Goldings (Pellets, 6.1 %AA) boiled 60 minutes.
20 g. East Kent Goldings (Pellets, 6.1 %AA) boiled 30 minutes.
15 g. East Kent Goldings (Pellets, 6.1 %AA) boiled 15 minutes.
20 g. Czech Saaz (Pellets, 4 %AA) boiled 1 minutes.
10 grams Bitter Orange Peel 15 min in boil (not included in calculations)
7 grams Corrriander Seeds 15 min in boil (not included in calculations)
7 grams Cardamon Seed 15 in Boil (not included in calculations)
6 Camonmile tea bags 15 in boil (not included in calculations)
Yeast: WYeast 3724 Belgian Saison Yeast

Single Infusion Mash. Boil 90 minutes Ferment at 18C for 2 weeks. Rack to secondary at 20C for 7 days. Lager for 2 weeks.

Vital Statistics
Original Gravity: 1.066
Terminal Gravity: 1.013
Color: 11.62 SRM
Bitterness: 39.2 IBU
Alcohol (%volume): 7.0 %

Results prepared by

Ray Mills ;)
Ray, where do you get, or how do you make bitter orange peel?? i was keen to do your other saison recipe for next xmas, as its not exactly an everyday session beer!!!. maybe i'll do this one if its better than your other one.
The bitter orange peel I use is dried mandarine peel. You can get it at any good asian food store. When you get it just cut it up in little peices and blend it with your other spices. Seal whats left over well and it will keep for ages.
Sounds Nice Ray ,Seville oranges are bitter but only seen in Europe .


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