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Bentleigh Brau Haus
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Ferntree Gully - Melbourne
Guys i finally started working on the boiler tonight.

I bit the bullet and started the grinder

anyway its turned out as good as i could have wished for

Lid fits even better :)

now i just need to add the tap, invert the bottom maybe

buy my burner and mount them and away we go!!!

Magnificent Ben !

And a top looking wort chiller , few metres of tubing in that
G Day All.

Finally got my boiler under way this week.
Did an All Grain on the weekend with two boils in my small boiler.
(NEVER AGAIN) Took too long.
Now please bear with me cause I am going to try to post some pictures again

Admin Edit: Removed partial image post.
Looks like I ssssssstuffed that up as well, I will get there.
My images seem too big and I cant seem to reduce the size!
I'll keep trying,

looking good ben

bbb ive got about 1/5 of the photo so your getting there.
Very "industrial" looking scales in the background ther BBB, for the grain ???
Those scales are for the hops, LOL.
Only joking!
The area in the photo is a fish processing and packaging area that I have taken over for brewing. Check out the top s/steel sink.

Big D,
I can only get better with the pics.
The boiler has a lid that fits perfectly if needed and it has a pick up pipe fitted into the tap to go close to the bottom.
I have also reworked (gently hit it with a 4lb hammer) the bottom so that it sits better on the burner and does not hold as much wort after draining.
Batz has got an excellent idea with that stainless hose reinforcing for a filter.
I am keeping my eyes open for something similar.
I am building a " hybrid chiller" along the style of the third option in John Palmers book and I will post pics when I can.

old fish processing area hey bbb :D

ive an american recipe you may be interested in.its a big malty ale called.......

son of dead fish ale. <_<

big d
Dead Fish Ale,
Sounds interesting.
As long as its name doesn't reflect its ingredients
One can only imagine - Cascade hop plant fertilised during its early stages in life with a mixture of old snapper heads and Chalie Carp.
Terifying thought!

Then again an old fisherman told me once that there are only two things that smell like fish - and fish is one of them. :rolleyes:

guys, I have now ...... drilled (ahhhhhhhhh) a hole in my keg!

but i cant get the god dam tap to seal on the keg. I have a brass fitting that the copper pipe fits into, the the tap screwes into that. problem is it is very so slowly leaking with soapy water

I need some form of fibre washer or somthing to mold and compress to the shape of the keg

isea's, what have others done?

My beers are going down at a super fast rate, and i fear of running dry!

I used fibre tap washers on the inside and can use a arubber oring on the outside.

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