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Hey Guys,

I'll be placing an order with MoreBeer.com in the next couple of days. Just putting the feelers out there to see if anyone else needs something and is happy to share the postage costs.

At present my shipping costs are about $US50 for 3 taps, 6 disconnects, a secondary reguator and a couple of other odds and ends. Postage would be split by how ever many people are involved including the postage from my place to yours.

Obviously it would be for small things only and I'd like to limit it to two or three other people to keep things simple. PM me if you're interested


hot danm that regulator is exactly what I was looking for in another thread.

I need it for air, not sure if CO2 will do. and i dont see what the regulator graduations are which is an issue for me.
Hey Alex.

Have sent you a PM with somethings I would like. Is pick up okay from newcastle?


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