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Hi guys,

I've been using a mongolian burner for a while, and it has the annoying problem of having a very yellow sooty flame at low flame. After a single brew, I have 3mm of black soot on the bottom of the kettle.
I think I saw a picture somewhere in the gallery of someone that blocked some of the jets. Does anyone know if this fixes the problem ok, or should I just toss this one out and get something better?


I would not thro it away.
They are reported to has the same BTU's as the famous "nasa" model.
It would appear that you have a supply problem IE not enough gas getting to it or a problem with the air mixture control.
My guess would be that you are operaring it with the incorrect regulator.
I would imagine that you need a high pressure regulator with a burner of that capacity.
Can you post a pic of the burner and the regulator and then someone might identify your problem.
I'm with dicko on this one.
Definately sounds like the regulator. Another user here a while back had the gas burner from rays outdoors which is similar if not the same as the "nasa burner".
They were also saying they could not get a good flame going. They also did not have a HP reg.

Vlbaby - its was Asher that blocked off a few jets. I think there might even be a thread on that.... Anyway, I'm sure he'll be able to offer advice.
Is a yellow sooty flame is a sign of not enough air in the mix?
Hi guys

I had the same problem with my Mongolian burners Its just a flaw in their design. Air is introduced at each individual jet rather than the inlet to the burner (like the nasa burner). So there designed to have correct air mixing at full stick only.

Got around this problem by reducing the number of nozzles on each burner until I got the correct heating with the burners on full. Or nearly full

Ended up blocking of all except 4 on my Kettle. Left 6 on the HLT burner as this doesnt need to hold a rolling boil, just heat water quickly.
This manages the problem with only a small amount of soot appearing, but not building up.

FYI: I blocked them by taking out the nozzle and replacing with a bolt. I used the nut to lock the bolt in place. Used high temp exhaust silicon on the thread to seal.
Bolt size is 5/16 UNF - Supercheap auto stocks them...

If I was designing my brewery again Id use nasa burners for sure.


In the pic. The HLT burner is the one on the left, Kettle on the right
I also have pilot flames plumbed in and a solenoid on the HLT to keep constant temp for HERMS...

Asher for now
Since the Gallery isn't up and running yet, here's a pic of the rest of the brewery..... Taken yesterday whilst mashing out (using the HERMS) an American Pale Ale.


Asher for now
Que? Has Asher gone from finely balanced well crafted noble hop beers, to the dark side, coarse, brash, in-yer-face APAs?

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