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Mongolian Burner free to a good home. This was given to me by a brewing friend and I have never used it. Just as a side note, I take no responsibility for how this item is used in it's current state, I know others use them like this however I haven’t tested it or used it once and judging by the fact this it is jerry-rigged I cannot guarantee its safety, that said I’m happy to gift it away for someone to repurpose.

The 32 jet head catchment that's part of it are worth about $120 so not that hard to unscrew current fittings and re-use it. It's a steal for whoever takes it.

Fermenters free to a good home. Can split up.

All fermenters are up for grabs except the small 25L.

1 x 60L fermenter
2 x working 30L
1 x 30L crack in lid, would probably suit for storage or something of the like.

Pick up in Caulfield area.

PM for details


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