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I have been doing some looking around for a grain mill and have noticed the "molino" mill has a few models ...

there's the Marga, the Corona, the Victoria ...all of them molino's.

So, what's the difference? Who uses what? Are some better/bigger/smaller/faster than others? :blink:

I'm relatively isolated in terms of other brewers, so any advice for a beginner about which mill to get would be much appreciated. :)
G'day Jimmy,

The Marga Mulino mill is made by Marcato in Italy and seems a pretty good mill for the money (having only owned one for 2 days... ;) ) I'm not really sure about the others, but I don't think they are made by the same company. The 'Corona' mills that I came across were made by Porkert in the Czech Republic and were the cheapest of the lot ($62 here in Newcastle) but also seemed the least efficient and the roughest on the grain. Haven't heard of the 'Victoria' at all but I'm sure someone else has. I can vouch for the Marga Mulino - it is good value and crushes well and is easy enough to modify to work with a drill etc - and have also looked at the Porkert 'Corona' style mill which seems Ok for the price.

Hope that helps a bit.

Corona uses plates, not rollers, forget it.

Margha Mill, 3 rollers so good crush but slow, even with a drill turning the crank. Run the malt through twice, once on coarse, once on a finer setting. Not bad though time consuming esp if hand cranking

Dunno any other one, sorry.

Jovial Monk
Thanks for the feedback and info, Blokes. :D

Theres a molino victoria on ebay in the states new for $26(AUS) ...but, I'm waiting to hear about postage which will probably cruel me!!! :(

I just did some quick 'googling' about the 'victoria' mill and it looks a lot like the porkert or corona style mills which are plate mills rather than roller mills. Doesn't mean you can't use them, but roller mills are gentler on the grain and give a bit better crush for brewing. I've read reviews from guys using the plate mills who are happy with them, but also some who aren't. I think the problem is that they tend to 'tear' the grain which reduces efficiency apparently. Again, I'm not speaking from personal experience, but having just gone through the same process you are now I was convinced to go for a roller mill and the Marga I got wasn't much dearer than plate style mills. Not saying not to buy the victoria or any other kind of mill, just giving my 2 cents :) .

Good luck,

Umm, if you weren't actually aware, "mulino" is an Italian word. It means "mill".

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