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Waking up an old post!
A very cheap mod for the Gen1 (and others) Fermentasaurus that brings everything up to work height in a chest freezer/fridge using standard garden hose fittings and a small mod on the collection bowl. This could be done neater I'm sure, but I wanted to see if it works, and it does!
The stand is used upside down and the whole height is about 720mm, just enough to fit inside the chest freezer with the lid closed. You could get less height by using right angled posts as well.
This setup is for pressure fermenting and uses the pressure to force the trub out the end of the hose into whatever you want like a jug, or you can use the bowl and valve components upside and bleed off the air from the gas post to fill the bowl.
But whats best of all, is you now have is a CO2 or oxygen direct injection chamber. By placing clarifying agent, or hops slurry or liquid into the bowl, screw the (closed) valve assembly on it, turn it upside down and plug into the hose coming from the bottom of the fermenting tank. If your using co2, you could remove any oxygen in the bowl by letting some content from the pressured tank to back flow a bit, then purge through the (now) top gas post button, and then attach the gas of choice to the the gas post at say about 20 psi. This bit is important, lower the pressure inside the tank temporarily via the relief valve and then open the bowl valve for about 10 secs. The aim is to get the liquid shooting straight up into the centre of the wort followed by lots of vigorous bubbles to spread and mix it into the wort. The technique works well and is borrowed from using the WW pressure fermenter for the last 3 years or so, produces delicious beer and saves on co2 as well.
I ferment at 20psi, and serve at 20 psi because I like lots of bubbles, works for me!

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or make your own outta PVC bits.
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Damn, homebrewers are crafty!

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