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  1. C

    Please help work out what hardware I've got and what I should do with it

    Howdy, Apologies if this is in the wrong section, wasn't sure if I should put it in 'DIY' or not So I was intending to get into brewing a few years ago, made some equipment then moved house and it’s been forgotten ever since. I’m looking at everything with fresh eyes and to be honest can’t...
  2. M

    3 vessel system

    Hi all Been extract brewing for a while and want to take the plunge into all grain. Im a diy kind of guy so all in one systems like the grainfather aren't for me. I like the building aspect as much as the brewing side. Currently use a 50 litre keg for extract brewing. Don't have much $...
  3. Only1MADMaN

    Coopers Lager (Lager Beer Review)

    Coopers DIY Lager Kit If anyone is familiar with my last brew review, I taste test a Brigalow’s Apple Cider But today I’m taking you through my steps for brewing a Coopers Lager that comes with the Coopers DIY...
  4. Yann

    My home-made rig for sale

    Located in Sydney. It's with regrets that I'll have to let go my rig. It has been rebuilt three times and have had no chances to rebuild it again since my second son is born a few months ago. I need some room in the garage for now so I might has well sell now and reinvest in a few years...
  5. The Punt

    Modding the FERMENTASAURUS

    I recently acquired a 35L Fermentasaurus and the pressure lid kit from the good folks at Beerco. Its an awesome piece of equipment. The ability to ferment from start to finish in one vessel, and then transfer under pressure to a keg, makes the process so much easier, and is sure to result in a...
  6. Pugdog1


    Hi guys, I'm sure most of you have probably seen this floating around the internet but for those of you who haven't ikegger just did a nifty little video of a keg bar fridge with low modifications required using the mini kegs, be awesome if beerkat did a kit for this ;) Cheers, pug