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  1. V

    Sold Selling Up - from brewery to tap

    I am selling up my brewing supplies. First generation fermentasaurus Robobrew 3rd generation Robobrew 30 L urn Five kegs - four Mangrove Jacks and one Italian Kegking three tap fridge Small iKegger keg - I think it is 4 litres Two gas bottles - I think they are 2.6 and 6kg Two regulators Lots...
  2. M

    Fermentasaurus losing pressure

    Hi Guys I bought the snub nose fermentasaurus last week and 2 days ago I put down my first brew. I also bought the Keg King spunding valve. After 2 days the pressure rose to 5psi But since has started dropping. After work today 3 days since I started fermenting the pressure sits at 2psi...
  3. CKK

    No Frills low cost pressure fermenting

    Keg King is releasing an extremely low cost pressure fermenter with 20 litre capacity. The Fermenter King Junior is made from a high grade PET material just like its cousins the G3 Fermenter King and Fermentasaurus. The clarity and integrity is second to none. It comes complete with a pressure...
  4. Aether

    Fermenter Chilling Coil

    Hi All, I have searched multiple forums for a solution to my quandary, but haven't had much luck. I have a very limited space available for my brewing activities and therefore can't have a fermenting freezer/fridge. Conveniently, where my setup is located is at the back of a very large garage...
  5. NzBrewerMatt

    Cleaning the Fermentasaurus

    Hi team, how are you guys cleaning the fermentasaurus? I finished my first brew with this fermenter over the weekend and found cleaning to be a massive pain. I couldn't get my arm in there to clean the outside where the hops and yeast had left marks. Are you using a specific tool to clean or a...
  6. The Punt

    Modding the FERMENTASAURUS

    I recently acquired a 35L Fermentasaurus and the pressure lid kit from the good folks at Beerco. Its an awesome piece of equipment. The ability to ferment from start to finish in one vessel, and then transfer under pressure to a keg, makes the process so much easier, and is sure to result in a...
  7. NzBrewerMatt

    Fermenting in a Fermentasaurus

    Hi Home Brewers! Just finished brewing an all grain batch last night which I have transferred into the Fermentasaurus which I am using for the first time. I'm definitely excited to start using the Fermentasaurus as it looks to be a great piece of kit and it was extremely cheap for a plastic...
  8. N

    Fermentasaurus hydrometer tips

    Hi there fellow brewers, Long time AHB trauler, first time poster. So many HB pearls of wisdom and recipes over the years, so cheers to that. I am using my fermentasaurus for the fist time after upgrading from the standard barrel fermenter. Mistake: I drained the chilled wort into the...