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I am always low on fridge space especially when it comes to CCing and keg storage so I am thinking of a cold room.
There was one recently for sale nearby for $1500 and I was considering buying a second hand cold room, then cutting the panels to make it fit onto a trailer so that I have a mobile cold room (I always move around with work so it's not possible to put a cold room in a rental house).
What are peoples thoughts on this? Am I being too abitious? Would there be a problem running the compressor to cool a smaller cavity than it was designed for if the room size was reduced to fit onto a trailer?
Any fridgys got any advice?
Anyone with cold rooms got any advice good or bad?

Now cut that out Hoops !!!

I will want a coolroom too next :(
What about mounting the cool room panels to your trailer and above the trailer arm mount a 2hp wall mount A/C unit to the space.

Then when ever you pull up just connect to the 240v house supply!!!

Or hire a mobile coolroom and then you'll have an excuse to move suddenly!!!! :blink:

Not that I or this site condone or encourage this type of behavior or similar
Rather than the trailer idea, what about a frame that pulls apart simply?
Those industrial fridged are made with panels that fit through a door, and are simply rivited and siliconed together.
Replace the rivets with something removable, and tape up the cracks rather than silicon, and that way you don't have to go outside in the rain to check on your lagers.
Hi hoops,
i have done a room like you intend, not on a trailer though, but it is like jgriff mentions and is easily taken apart.
I just numbered all the panels so when i pull it apart i can easily reasemble using all the same screw holes. Mine is only a 1/4hp aircon and works a charm.
I have a digital temp controller with a thermocouple, the aircon is switched to test mode which means always on, the sepperate temp controller controls wither it is on or off


Good ideas guys. I think it would be better off setup so it is removeable. Are most cold rooms 10A or 15A? This may influence what I look for in a rental house soon <_<
Hoops, iam not sure how much current my 1/2hp aircon draws but i don't think its very much at all, certainly 10amps is ample.


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