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Is there anywhere in australia that supplies either the B/Crusher or Valley Mills
There is a HBS in Queensland taht is the sole supplier in Australia for the B/Crusher - there price is 260.00 plus freight.

Look in the retailer link section...

You are welcome to come over and check mine out before you purchase if you want to...
Grumpys told me they could get a valley mill, but from the delivery time quoted they were bringing it in from Canada, so I saved myself the $200 margin on their quoted price and imported it myself. They have since started promoting the Marga thing so I dont think any HBS is bringing in Valleys, unless JM completed the order he was talking about?
JM told me when I was at his shop during the Batz world tour that he was being stuffed around and is not getting them now.
Batz said he got a valley mill no probs from U.S. or Canada so check with him.
I'll just stick with my Marga Molino till they become easier and cheaper to get in Aus.
I got a BC from, although I ended up getting it sent to a mate in the states to bring back just out of luck. But before that option arose I was going to get it posted here. Landed all up it was going to cost about $200 AUS (that's the mill incl. postage). You can do the currency conversion and see what it works out too but I bet it's cheaper than buying here. Depends on how long you are willing to wait for it because for cost saving it will come by snail mail unless you want to pay more for faster post.

But I guess also, the more mills people buy from distributors in Australia the more people are going to stock them and see the demand for them. It may bring the price down a bit. It's your $$ anyway in the end.


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