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HEy Guys

im sure at leats some of you read the grumpys forum as well as this, and im hoping that some of you have tried his masterbrew selection.

but.......... is there any place in sydney that anyone knows about that sells a similar and good quality allternitive, since i dont want to be getting all my brews posted over from adelade <_<

if anyone could give me a hand i would be a very hoppy brewer :D

i didnt wanna ask about other HBS on there, considering the recent debate going on lol

try neil at the brew shop at riverwood. dunno if they're an equivalent to the masterbrew packs though.

Or be the guinea pig for the ESB dry packs
I dont think wet pacs are the same as Grumpy's Masterbrews but they are probably a lot easier on brew day.
Masterbrews are a good way to get to understand grain additions and AG brewing and are a good step to follow if you want to advance to the next level.
If you think about what you want to achieve then you can probably make up your own "masterbrews" with a bit of trial and error.
Got to agree with Dicko here.

Do some reading and research ingredients...

Dont be afraid to experiment with adjuncts....u cant always get the right flavours from grains.

i have used, honey, spices, lactose, dark brown sugar, dark compound cooking choc and oak with good results.....

Obviously i dont perscribe to the german rhegobstat (pronounce wrong) ..but u brew for u and i like to be out side the square - especially as i am a little round mound of sound....
german Reinheitsgebot.meaning malt,hops,yeast and water and nothing else.

big d
If anyone has seen the simpsons episode where Homer joins / leads the "Stonecutters" (pisstake on the stonemasons) .... Ken does the same with the Reinheitsgebot as Homer did to their charter / holy document

:lol: :D :lol:

(sorry for the off topic - couldn'thelp myself)

Linz wrote:

"Or be the guinea pig for the ESB dry packs "

I haven't seen these since the late 80's.
Where did you come across these?


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