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Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all for taking part in the first Mash Paddle All grain brewing competion. I hope to organise another one for 2005.

The winner of the 2004 Mash Paddle is ::

David Jones

The top five beers were submitted by [these are in no particular order]

Michael Pepper

Phillipa Jarrett

Asher Mitchell

Jeff Battye

David Jones.

There was a margin of 4 points over the 5 beers over the total of two judging rounds. Congratulations to all brewers.

The standard of beers entered was very good indeed.


All beers where judged in round one by three judge [ two men and one lady]. The judges were not allowed to discuss the beers. All scores for a beer were added and then averaged.

The top 5 beers from round one were then given a different ID number that only I knew and presented to the panel of judges to again be judged.

This ensured the judges were unable to refer to any previous tasting notes they had taken. There was a gap of about 30 minutes between the finish of round one and the start of round two.

In the second judging panel 4 judges scored the beers. Our original 3 judges plus a commercial brewer.
The judges were not allowed to discuss the beers.

The scores from the second round were averaged and added to the score from the first round and averaged to give an overall score for the day.

The beers were judged out of a possible score of 80 points.

I will be announcing the parameters for Mash Paddle 2005 shortly . I hope you have enjoyed this competition and will enter next year.

Steve Nicholls
Congrats go to all of the place getters in the comp, and a big congats to Asher well done.

Thats Batz (Jeff Battye) in that list as well. So it looks like the unofficial AHB brew club did pretty well. Well done guys.
Well congrats to David Jones

And to all the others as well

I could'nt be more chuffed to be in the top five :D

Next year !!! :p

Thanks Steve , I know you have put in big mobs of work to make this thing happen.
Well done , and cheers from us all , you know next year will be BIG ! :chug:
Well done Batz and Asher. Top work.

Any of those other brewers post on this site?
Congratulations to the winner and to all the place getters, it certainly was a very close result and you should all be proud of your efforts.

Well done to the 5 top entrants, particular congrats to Batz, Asher and Phillipa, all AHB forum posters. :)

Thanks to Steve aka chiller for organising the event.

Well done there Batz....

Congrats to David for the winning beer, and Steve for organising the comp.
I'm prety happy with the result too and may have to go home and crack the one remaining bottle I've had in the back of the fridge to celebrate....

Asher for now
Top effort guys. Congrats on producing what must have been some pretty top notch beers. Well done to all.

Cheers, Justin
And too you as well Asher

I am drinking my last remaining bottle as I type , was to be sent to TDA , sorry mate , will send you a Oktoberfest instead ( I think it's a better brew anyway :huh: )

Lets see the AHB site blitz the next one !
Well done to all (brewers & organisers). Will have to pull my finger out next year and actually post it :)
deebee said:
Well done Batz and Asher. Top work.

Any of those other brewers post on this site?
If i am not mistaken

Phillipa posts on this site as Lager1001.

She uses a fairly unique boiling method - wood fired wort boiling....

Must work extremely well ith her results here and at the Bathurst Comps etc.

I hope i have this right - if not i apologise... :rolleyes:
Well done to you all especially the AHBers. Top effort.
Drank all my paddle about a month ago. Wasn't really sure I could enter because I make 60 litre batches and obviously would need to use more grain than was specified. Would it have been valid to enter so long as the OG was 1.038?
Darren, just do a smaller batch next time.

Looking forward to next year's.
congrats asher, batz and lager1001, top effort :)
congratulations to the winner and Batz, Asher, and lager1001 its good to that the ahb'ers had a grood standing with in the top 5....

well done guys

cheers and beers
Yes, congrats too to pint of lager.

and top effort steve for organising what is, after all, a great idea for a comp.

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