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Hi brewers,

The entries have all arrived safely and the Mash Paddle will be judged tomorrow.

Saturday 26/06/04

Winners wil be contacted by e-mail first and then results posted on

Australian CraftBrewing

Grumpys Web site

and AHB forum.

Thanks for the feeback [well most of it]

Think 'Dry' Steve...... think 'Dry'..... ;)
Judging is underway.

Every beer so far has score higher than the test beer. An International beer of similar stats.

This is exciting !!!
:chug: :chug:
Are you waiting buy the PC for a email batz:)
I am. ;)

Checking it as often as I can Jayse , at work today :blink:
Just to let everyone know: Judging for the first Mash Paddle is finished.

I will post the results as soon as possible.

The standard of all beers was excellent.

Thanks to all who took the time to enter.

I will try to precise the juges comments in another email to give you a feel for the day.

The suspense is killin' me Steve and I dont even have an entry.

Can't wait to be put out of my misery either chiller.


Still no results?

Or do we know and no one is saying? :ph34r:

You entrants must have no fingernails left by now.

Apologies for my impatience. :rolleyes:

Made you look !!! ;)

Monday now, I'm waiting for my email.....
Actually I spoke to BigD at GL's on Sat and while in SA he'd tried a few peoples entries. He was blown away with the quality. It will be interesting to read the judges overall comments. Apparently 20+ entries too, so looks like AG is more than healthy in Aus...

Asher for now
Ok guys,

Sorry for the delay however yesterday I had commitments until very late and today I will be double checking the top 5 beers and will post the winner this evening.

Just as a footnote there is only 3 points between the top five beers.

Yes Asher AG is healthy here in Australia.


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