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Green Iguana

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I'am currently planning to use a heap of whitelabs yeasts that my local HBS gave me for free.....there's about 12 however all the use by dates are Aug 2004. So I'm wondering if these yeasts will kick on, I put one in a starter yesterday, no action so far.

How long does liquid yeast remain viable after the used by date, I heard some where that <5% survives after 12 months.....

I have 6 old whitelab yeast in the fridge, some are over 12 months old, all you need to do is make a starter 2 days before brewing and your up and running.
You should have no problems if your starter was nice and clean.
Thanks Ray, brewing your pilsner recipie from ozcraftbrewers this arvo, looks good. For my lager yeast starters, I have pitched the yeast straight from the fridge into cooled wort, they are now sitting at 10 much activity should I see in theses 'cold' starters. I'am planning to cool the brew overnight and pitch the cool starter at 10 this a ggod plan..I haver pitched at higher temps for lagers however it took off like a rocket before I could cool it down to fermenting temps....

I would suggest you take the starter out of he fridge and let sit a room temps for 1 to 2 days, then cool the yeast if you want too.
I always add the teast at room temp to my wort when its cooled. Even if the wort is 28C, in goes the yeast and then the wort is placed in my fridge and cooled over nite at 10C. usually the yeast kicks in the following day.
Never had a problem with this method.