Lawrence Victor Coonawarra Ale

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I discovered this beer at the Semaphore Palais on the weekend, and thought I'd better give it a try.
The bartender knew nothing about it but said it was brand new.

I'm no professional taster, but it was a nice, full bodied ale, nice amber colour, and I believe it used the evver popular cascade hops (I'd already had a few Cascade summer blondes so that hop guess may not be accurate).

There was practically no info on the label other than it was made in the coonawarra, using coonawarra spring water. They also had on Old Ale, which I didn't get to try.

Well worth a try if you see it.

Here's a link to there web site (which has even less info!) - BTW it wasn't the pale ale i tried: by the looks of it there just starting their microbrewery.
Lawrence Victor
Lawrence Victor has been around for about 2 years now Boots. The brewer is a mate of Grumpy Thomas's.
The Old Ale is a great beer IMO. Try it next time although it is better suited to cooler weather drinking, not when it's 37C B) .