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(dammit I can't modify the subject line)

Hi guys - had a look around for a guide on keg pressures - couldn't find what I need. Just moved to kegs and need some simple tips.

Fill the keg with beer - set to how many KPA? for how long?
Beer is ready - KPA for a good pour?

I'm using a chest fridge (chest freezer converted) with gun taps.

Cheers for the help.

Charging the keg to 300 KPA and then DC the line doesn't work for a 24hr gas. Need to keep the line connected and bottle open, right?

Would that explain why I charged the keg, made sure there is no leaks, come back the next day and it is dramatically less?
Last keg I set at 10 psi. Took about a week and half to gas good. Had to turn the pressure down to about 6 for good pour. This one I'm gassing at about 15 psi for a couple days then turn down to 10 for the week. See what happens. It's roughly about 7 kpa per psi if I'm correct.
Gassing the keg then disconnecting won't do much as the beer will absorb a lot of the pressure. There are fast ways of gassing. Look up force carbonation or I think maybe there's a post on Ross's method. I haven't tried it. It involves high pressure and shakin the keg and drinking in like an hour. Depends on how long your beer lines are too as what pour pressure. I've got 2 metres. I'm only new to kegging aswell so this isn't gospel