Keg King Heating Element Big Problem!

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Just letting everybody know that the new shipment of keg king elements are still as freaking dangerous as the last. I have read a lot of discussions about them going bang! and she no go no more , but i was assured that this new shipment of elements were safe . Take it from me dont risk it , i have used mine five times now on the sixth use white smoke started to linger out of the connector where the lead goes into the back of the element it smelt like burning rubber so i turned it off real fast like . Lucky i had a different brand of element sitting around for a rainy day well guess what keg king its pissing down and im pissed right off!!
Not good to hear. I think it's already been mentioned that the design is exactly the same as the prior version, so no wonder the new one also failed. Hopefully no one will get zapped from these things.

Any chance you can add some comments to this thread.

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