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Not sure if I have this in the right section or not (sorry if it's not).

I'm recently into the game and trying to take accurate and thorough notes for my brews so as to be conitually improving them.

I'm currently just using a Notepad application on my iPad to write down everything that I think is relevant, does anyone use an iPad app for their brewing at all?
What you are after is "brewing software" for your ipad

have a quick search using that term "brewing software ipad" and a few options will come up

iBrewMaster is one someone recommended at one stage, can't remember who it was now
$10.50! For an APP!!

Holy crap!

Will have a good look tonight and might give it a run :D

Cheers Kev
I use ibrewmaster, it's ok. But nowhere near as good as pc based brewing programs. I'm thinking of switching as missus brought new laptop and offered me spare for shed.
Ibrewmaster is the best at the moment. The developers are having a real go at this and are constantly fixing bugs and updating they really appreciate hearing feedback and ideas you have to improve the app. Latest update had an inventory setting which is great. I use this app alongside 'brewmath' which has every calculator you could need in one app - carbonation,evaporation/dilution, attenuation etc.
Another option is brewpal. But there in app calculators are a bit off and was screwing me over with sparge water amounts and the likes. If your an extract brewer this app is morethen enough. Also the developer seems to be sleeping on an update (over a year).

I splurged and couldn't be happier. Therethe best outthere and they know it so prices will probs go up when they sort out all the little flaws.
Currently just K&K till I learn the ropes and start producing something that I am happy with.

Will then step to partials and hopefully eventually AG.
Google "Beer alchemy"got it on my ipad very helpful!! :icon_cheers:
I have both ibrewmaster and beer alchemy. If you HAVE to use iPad, they are the best by far.
But, if you can, get a cheap laptop and go with the main brewing software packages. They are all heaps better than the iPad offerings.
I currently use brewmate and beer tools pro. I also own beersmith but don't
like it as much as the other ones. Ive also used brew target (shit) and a few others.

Brewmate is excellent and free, has kickass timers. Beer tools pro is also excellent with awesome inventory and the ability to setup templates for all sorts of things which make recipe formulation quick, but it does take time to get it all setup.

If you have to use iPad then all good, but otherwise (and I think most would agree) the computer based software options are heaps better.

eBay or gum tree for cheap laptops are your friend.
Have 2 laptops (one probably not worth using but the other is fine).

I'll grab some iPad ones and also get brewmate and figure out what works best for me. As I said I am pretty new to it all so i imagine quite simplistic in comparision to some.

Cheers guys.

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