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Thought i would post this after some of the discussion on yeast nutrients etc

I put down two brews last weekend, one was a Amber Ale partial brew (thanks Doc!) and the other was a Coopers IPA can with 1.5 KG of kettled LME.

With the Partial, i just poured in all the break matter, as i just rack the beer after a week, and have never had any problems.

I had made up 3L of WLP005 yeast started, and poured 1.5L into each.

The OG of the partial was 1.050, and the kit 1.042

A week later, the Amber partial is pretty much fermented out at 1.012, where as the kit brew is stuck at 1.020+
Bother fermenters have been sitting next to each other, so there should be no temp variance.

I wonder if there is some truth in the yeasties using up the nutrients out of the cold break?

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