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I found an old bottle of a very nasty brew stashed somewhere out of the way yesterday. Every other bott from that batch was tipped out long ago as it had an evil gusher bug in it and I was very cautious carrying it to the sink to open.

I put it in the sink and opened it. It went phsst and a volley of bubbles rose to the surface and formed a small head that subsided straight away. It stood there innocently for maybe ten seconds and I thought it had done its thing. Then suddenly it erupted and spewed a steady cord of cream out of the top. I left it there for 15 minutes while it emptied almost half of itself into the sink.

I felt a bit like Julius Sumner Miller.
I've had a few gushers like that & they do seem to take a few seconds to work up momentum. I guess the CO2 coming out of solution needs to build up to a level where it can force the liquid out of the bottle. Did it taste any good Deebee?
Thats what i wrote about in the WORST EVER BREWING DISASTERS topic, but i had opened 29 long necks and like you said by the time they started gushing i had em all open. What a mess
SJW: I was inspired to write this post after reading your experience.

Keneasy: No I did not taste it this time round. It was horrible the first time - it tasted alright up front when you first sipped but anything that made it to the back of the mouth was truly evil. Nothing that bottle conditioning could ever hope to fix.

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